Government untill next snap elections


The policies of the ruling Serbian Progressive Party, written decade ago, nowadays become opposite. Instead of the liberal economic model and attraction of investments, we have client oriented capitalism where the state sector is the largest employer, overwhelmed with incompetent people so that the administration efficiency is nonexistent. The fight against corruption and crime doesn’t exist. Even a new Belgrade Mayer built illegally object which is legalized upon his arrival to the post. Nobody thought about diversification of energy sources, until now, when Electric Power Industry  of Serbia collapsed. The eurintegration process is stalled and anti EU campaign is in progress.

Meanwhile opposition parties are dealing with issues that are more suitable for NGOs than political parties, with unreal  „ecological“ ideas, together with childish relation to foreign policy, without party organization and competent people.

It is obvious that the priority of the Serbian Progressive party is exclusively survival in power, which is not such a difficult job in relation to the opposition, preservation of distribution of state money to private pockets and high administrative positions in spite of incompetence and lack of responsibility.