Movement 2035 is an organization of liberal and democratic orientation whose focus is on protecting Serbian national interests, ensuring fair market conditions, supporting entrepreneurship, Serbia’s European perspective, strengthening the Serbian diaspora and reforming the domestic political system with special emphasis on establishing fair democratic society and promoting minority rights. We believe that the progress of society is reflected in the freedom of each individual to be able to make choices about all things that concern him without coercion, belittling and endangering physical integrity by bad laws.

We stand for a just society in which people can live better with their own knowledge and work, for a society of tolerance, without corruption, with an efficient state administration, for a healthy environment, constructive regional cooperation and renewal of European integration, for education, science and culture, for society in which the voice of all our citizens is respected wherever they are.

Movement 2035 advocates strengthening the participation of minorities in political life, correcting administrative and political injustices and improving the conditions for coexistence of Serbs and members of minority nations.

We also call for full support for the work of Serbian political organizations in the region and abroad, strengthening organizations in the diaspora and strengthening the cooperation of the motherland with the diaspora in the political, economic and cultural field.