Destruction of the Non-governmental Sector

The latest Insider research showed that the government continues to extract funds from the budget by approving funds to questionable non-governmental organizations. Namely, the Ministry of Family Care and Demography approved 630,000 euros for projects of unknown NGOs that were founded „immediately before the call for tenders, by re-registration of existing NGOs that were not active years before. None of the organizations have their own internet presentation or information about the history of dealing with the topic that is the focus of the competition. The most interesting, but also devastating, is the fact that four organizations that received funds are registered at the same address, in the building of Chamber of Commerce of Serbia…

Recently, two relevant documents have been adopted as attempt to regulate the issue of the functioning of the non-governmental sector and its financing, The regulation prescribes the procedure for allocating funds, announcing tenders, guidelines, eligibility and cities and municipalities in Serbia at least formally fulfill the legal form. Where the process loses its importance is the monitoring and evaluation of the performance of the activities for which the funds have been allocated, that is, whether the objective of the competition has been satisfactorily met.

On the one hand, there is no doubt that government representatives abuse budget funds to finance people, organizations and policies that benefit them. On the other hand, this proves that non-governmental organizations have an undoubted influence on public opinion and can shape it in favor of some policy, which is good for society and means that activism should never be abandoned. The entire system of government of the Serbian Progressive Party is based on propaganda, which creates false public opinion. which is further supported by false opinion polls and paid analysts, which is another characteristic of authoritarian and totalitarian systems. As soon as the media opens up citizens are allowed to hear a different opinion, the support for the ruling party drops immediately, as we saw in the last elections. The biggest damage that SNS does to our society is the ruining of every institution and everything that constitutes a democratic society, solely for the sake of staying in power. Governmental non-governmental organizations in such a system serve to further shake faith in civic activism, which, fortunately, mostly advocates useful social ideas and projects, but requires additional activism, projects and funding hat strengthen their positive image in the public eye.