Message to Members and Supporters Regarding the Elections Scheduled for April 3, 2022.

Dear members, sympathizers and friends, Movement 2035 started its public work in November last year and until now has had several activities with which you are familiar. Participating in the April elections was not a primary ambition because we have been thinking in longer time frames since our foundation. We are convinced that in such a situation, any association with others on the opposition scene would not be in agreement with our values, program and organizational capacities, because it would disavow the idea of creating any new political option. Given that the three-level elections are coming, after reviewing the programs and the candidates we cannot support any organization or person. If we could, we wouldn’t be making the Movement 2035 .

However, as rational people, we believe that everyone can and should vote according to their choice. The only thing we expect from our members and sympathizers is that they do not participate in the campaign for the parties and personalities that make up the current Government of the Republic of Serbia, as well as for those parties that participated in the dialogue with the government without the mediation of representatives of the European Parliament (Dveri, POKS, DJB – Sovereignist , NADA, SRS and other minor groups), which applies to all election levels. This simulated dialogue served as the basis for the election laws that were adopted two months before the elections, which are at their core fraudulent and designed to benefit only this kind of government and those who aspire to this kind of government. If by any chance there is a second election round for the president of the republic, Movement 2035 will support a candidate who is  opposed to the current president. After the elections, Movement 2035 will continue with new activities that you will all be informed about, so that together we can change Serbia for the better.

For the 2035 Movement

Lazar Marićević, Dušan Ilić and Dragan Luković